Copenhagen’s Blue Plan

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Danish architects Tredje Natur and PK3 have designed five new areas to revitalise Copenhagen harbour as a recreational, educational wildlife haven. The Blue Plan is inspired by Copenhagen’s long history of artificially constructed islands. The five places each have a different theme. The House of Water is made of soft rounded concrete with pools in which to swim. Bird Island is covered in plants to attract birds, small animals and insects. Kroyer’s Puddle is a harbour bath with pools and sauna caves. Sports Sea will offer a variety of aquatic recreational activities. Music will be projected into Operaparken, a temporary park outside the opera house. The project aims to increase recreation opportunities around the water, facilitate interaction between the water and the harbor edges and improve communication in, along and across the harbour.

Operaparkencopyright Tredje Natur and PK3
copyright Tredje Natur and PK3
Sportsøencopyright Tredje Natur and PK3
copyright Tredje Natur and PK3
bird islandcopyright Tredje Natur and PK3
bird island
copyright Tredje Natur and PK3