Yellow Rock Cultural Landscape Assessment

The Design Partnership produced a Cultural Landscape Assessment by AGL for its newly acquired Yellow Rock property at Broke. A condition of sale required the purchaser (AGL) to protect European cultural heritage, including any items which were connected to the painter Conrad Martens. The Cultural Landscape Assessment was a bespoke research project which investigated Martens’ connection to the site.

Our research established that Martens’ painting “Yellow Rock” was of a different landform, in the Blue Mountains. He made two sketches of Yellow Rock at Broke, both on the same day and from the vantage point of the Great North Road. He did not stay on the property, and travelled through 30 years before the Picton family (whose cemetery and homestead is located on site) moved in.

  • Project Type: Heritage
  • Local Government Area: Cessnock
  • Client: AGL
  • Year: 2012