Wyong Shire Council Draft LEP Aims to Attract Investment

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Wyong Shire Council has today announced that its draft Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2012 will be placed on public exhibition on 9 January 2013. Council’s draft Development Control Plan (DCP) and Settlement Strategy will also be placed on exhibition.

Details published on Council’s website indicate that one of the main priorities for new planning framework is attracting investment in the area. Some of the plan’s initiatives are designed to boost investment and jobs, streamline the process for establishing a business in a designated employment zone and create affordable housing options.

Some of the more specific details published today include:

  • A strategic location for a Type 3 regional airport for the Central Coast in Bushells Ridge
  • Reduced lot sizes to stimulate affordable housing
  • New enterprise corridors
  • Identification of future road corridors

Wyong Shire Council Mayor Doug Eaton confirmed that investment was a priority, saying, “This Council is serious about stimulating investment and development in the Shire, and we encourage developers to look closely at these draft planning documents.”

If adopted, the 2012 LEP will replace the 1991 LEP, which has been subject to over 175 amendments in the past 21 years. The new LEP sets the strategic planning directions for Wyong Shire for the next 25 years.

Mayor Eaton urged residents to get involved in the exhibition process, saying, “If you are interested in what you will be able to do with your property in the future, and what your neighbours or businesses can do with theirs, than I encourage you to take a close look at these three draft planning documents.”

The LEP, DCP and Settlement Strategy will be on exhibition at Council Libraries and the Wyong Civic Centre from 9 January to 20 February 2013 and will also be available on Council’s website at www.wyong.nsw.gov.au

The Design Partnership is looking forward to reviewing the draft documents, and we’ll provide an update in January. In the meantime, if you’re concerned about what the draft LEP means for you, contact us.