The NSW Planning Green Paper

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On Saturday 14 July 2012, the NSW Government released A New Planning System for New South Wales: Green Paper outlining a number of proposed changes to the planning system. The broad aims behind the NSW Planning Green Paper are to be applauded; the current system is overly complicated, inconsistent, unfair, and unpopular with councils, planners, developers and the community alike.

The challenge for the Department of Planning & Infrastructure is to implement the changes successfully. The potential impacts on the planning system are substantial.

In the past six weeks, The Design Partnership’s Planning Team have been reading and discussing the Green Paper. We also attended a consultation for planners, councils and industry in Newcastle on Thursday 16 August. The consultation was surprisingly enlightening, and afforded us a rare and valuable opportunity to hear other perspectives on the planning system.

The closing date for submissions on the NSW Planning Green Paper is Friday 14 September. We are putting together a submission on the proposed changes, which we hope to publish as a blog post soon.

For more information, see A New Planning System for NSW (link opens in a new window).

For our clients, associates and website visitors, we’ve condensed the original 90-page document into a 7-page summary. To request your copy, click here and fill out the contact form.