Most development applications for building or development work on heritage items or in heritage conservation areas are required to include a Statement of Heritage Impact (SOHI), also known as a Heritage Impact Report.

A Statement of Heritage Impact (SOHI)  details the following information:

1)      The heritage significance of the item

2)      The potential impacts of development on that significance

3)      How negative impacts will be mitigated

4)      Other options considered before deciding on the proposed work

The report helps your local council to decide whether the impact on heritage significance is reasonable. Most councils have a policy of preserving heritage items, but they know that isn’t always possible. For example, demolition may be the best option for a building that poses a danger to the public, or modern additions may allow a larger section of the public to enjoy the heritage item.

At The Design Partnership, our approach is to take the mystique and elitism away from undertaking development on heritage listed properties. Contact us if you need advice on developing your heritage property.