Own a piece of land but unsure what the development possibilities are?

In the market to buy investment land, but need advice on which site is best suited to your preferred development type?

A number of factors can affect what can be built on any given site. First, there are the planning regulations – zoning, building height, floor space ratio and the like. Then, there are land constraints and site suitability, such as flood and bushfire risk, orientation and slope.

With professional town planning advice, you can be certain of your options. This in turn saves time and money as you can, for example, avoid having plans drawn up for a development that Council won’t support.

Our Preliminary Planning Reports cut through planning jargon and set out, in plain English, the options for your site. Current planning legislation provides definitions for dozens of development types and land uses. Perhaps multi dwelling housing will be permitted on your land, but residential flat building will be prohibited. What’s the difference? (In this instance, the first is townhouses and the second is apartments).

We offer two types of preliminary planning report.


For smaller and simpler developments, there is the basic report. This is the appropriate report for you if you are asking a question like “can I build a duplex on my property?” or “what types of development are allowed on my site?”. These reports generally focus on planning matters only.


For larger and more complex developments, there is the comprehensive report. This is the appropriate report for you if you are asking a question like “is my site better suited to townhouses or flats?” or “what is the maximum number of townhouses I can fit on this site?”. These reports are often prepared in conjunction with our architecture and urban design team, who have extensive knowledge of matters such as lot layouts and building costs.

We’ll advise you on the best approval route for your development, saving you time and money. If steps can be taken to avoid complicated approval processes, we’ll tell you. We’ll also advise you on what specialist reports you’re likely to need so you don’t get any nasty surprises later in the process.

Contact us if you’d like to request a planning report. We’ll need your name, contact address, contact number and email and of course the property address, and we’ll get back to you within one business day.

We are currently offering FREE basic reports up to the value of $50.00. This is genuinely free advice, with absolutely no obligation to you. If your project proceeds then we have all the information on hand so we can get started on your Development Application quickly. If it doesn’t, we promise not to use your data without your permission. Contact us for more information.