What is CPTED?

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) is a strategy that aims to reduce crime by designing the built environment according to a set of guidelines.

CPTED is based on the principle that a large number of crimes are guided by rational thought. Applying CPTED methods aims to discourage offenders by maximising the risk and effort of committing a crime, while minimising the benefits and opportunities of committing that crime.

There are four key strategies in CPTED:

  • territorial re-enforcement – distinguishing private and public spaces, and encouraging community ownership of public areas
  • surveillance – increasing the opportunity for seeing and being seen
  • access control – using physical and symbolic markers to restrict and encourage movement
  • space/activity management – creating formal uses for spaces to ensure maximum usage
Do I need a CPTED report?

Some development applications (generally for large developments in high-risk locations) are required to include a Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) or Safer By Design Report. Your local council or a town planning consultant will be able to tell you.

What is a CPTED report?

In NSW, only those who have completed the Safer By Design course run by NSW Police can undertake CPTED reports and assessments.

A typical CPTED report has two main components:

  • Risk Assessment – analysing crime statistics for the local area and assessing the design, usage and other aspects of the proposed development or study area.
  • Recommendations – identifying positive and negative crime prevention elements of the design and recommending improvements. Recommendations are not necessarily expensive (CCTV cameras) and could be surprisingly simple (different lighting) or simply surprising (different plant species).
Can anyone produce a CPTED report?

No, you must be accredited with the NSW Police. Andrew Neil of The Design Partnership is accredited to prepare CPTED and Safer By Design reports.

This can be included in your DA package, or, if you’re having your DA prepared by another company, can be produced as a stand-alone document.

How much does a CPTED report cost?

The price of a CPTED report varies widely depending on the size of the study area, size of the development, the type of development and availability of data. Contact us to discuss your requirements and request a quote.