What Happens After I Lodge A Development Application (DA)?

 Generally, after a DA is lodged, the process is as follows:

  1. Your DA will be placed on public exhibition. This allows interested parties, such as your neighbours or local businesses, to view your development plans and raise any concerns.
  2. Council assess your DA against the relevant controls, including State Environmental Planning Policies, Local Environmental Plans and Development Control Plans.
  3. If your DA fails to comply with one of the controls, this doesn’t mean it will be automatically refused. Council will undertake a merit assessment to decide whether the positives of your approval outweigh the negatives.
  4. If your DA is successful, you will be granted development consent. There may be some conditions of consent imposed, such as works that must be carried out before occupation or materials that can be used.
  5. If your DA is unsuccessful, you can request for council to review the determination (with or without amendments to your original DA) or lodge an appeal at the Land and Environment Court.

A very small number of commercial and industrial developments – in industries like mining, waste, energy and tourism – are assessed by the Department of Planning and Infrastructure if they are considered to be of state significance. Some projects – such as those involving state heritage items, or in industries like mining and fishing – may also require a permit or approval from another state agency.

If you’ve had a DA refused and are unsure what to do next, contact us for advice. If you’re waiting for a DA to be approved, click below for the final page in our series explaining the development application process:

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