How Long Does It Take To Get Development Approval?

In 2010-2011, councils in NSW took an average of 68 days to process a Development Application. You can find detailed statistics on development assessment processing times for your local council at the Local Development Performance Monitoring section of the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure website. Each year, the DP&I publishes a report and accompanying data on the number of Complying Development Certificates and Development Approvals issued each year, along with average processing times and the value of development.

The time it takes for your DA to be approved can vary depending on a number of factors. Some of these factors are within your control. Unfortunately, others are not.

If you’re carrying out development in one of the 8 NSW councils which took over 100 days on average to process Development Applications last year, your DA process may take longer than most.

If your development is particularly complex and your Development Application includes a number of documents such as geotechnical reports, bushfire reports, traffic reports or arborist’s reports, development assessment is likely to take longer than average.

You can minimise the processing time of your Development Application by ensuring that all the necessary documentation is included when you lodge your DA. Over one third of all DAs were returned to the applicants for further information (known as “stop the clock”) in 2010-2011, adding an average of 47 days to the development assessment process.

A town planner can provide expert advice on the documentation you will require for your DA. This can help to ensure a smooth process, greatly reduce the risk of “stop the clock” and minimise the overall time it takes for your development to be approved.

Contact us to talk to a town planner about the best way to minimise waiting times for your DA.

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