Do I Need A Development Application (DA)?

You will need to lodge a Development Application with your local council if your proposed works don’t meet the requirements for Exempt Development or Complying Development. Almost all commercial and industrial developments require a Development Application to be lodged with your local council.

Examples of work that would require a Development Application include, but are not limited to:

  • Subdivision
  • Boundary adjustments
  • Building a three storey house, row of townhouses or apartment block
  • Most additions and alterations to heritage items
  • Establishment of use, most changes of use  and changes to operating hours
  • Construction of new commercial and industrial buildings
  • Any works that increase the floor area of an existing commercial or industrial building
  • Adding windows or doors and making external additions to an existing commercial or industrial building
Can I Do A Development Application Myself?

Yes, you can do your own development application, though we would always recommend obtaining professional advice specific to your own situation, especially in the early stages of your project. Contact us for free preliminary advice, or find out the benefits of engaging a town planner.

If you do wish to do your own DA, we’ve put together a series of information pages to assist you in the process:



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