The Development Application Process Explained

At The Design Partnership, we’re committed to making development easier, quicker and cheaper for homeowners, businesses, developers and industry. We’ve put together a series of information pages to assist you in understanding the NSW planning system, the best way of obtaining approval for your development, and the process you’ll go through in getting your development underway.

There are three ways of obtaining development approval – exempt development (for which no approval is needed), complying development (for which approval can be granted by a certifier within ten days) and development applications (which you’ve probably heard of).

There are currently 104 State Environmental Planning Policies (and equivalents), over 300 Local Environmental Plans and thousands of Development Control Plans in operation in NSW. Any number of these pieces of legislation might apply to your block of land, dictate the ways in which you can obtain development approval, and restrict the development you’re allowed to do.

To make sure you comply with all that legislation, we strongly recommend obtaining professional advice from a qualified and experienced planner, particularly in the early stages of your project. There are a number of benefits of engaging a town planner, but if you’re managing your own approval process, a planner can still help. Any good planner should be prepared to give you free preliminary advice over the phone.

Contact us for an informal chat about your development, or read on for more information on the development application process.

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