The Design Partnership is a multi-faceted urban design studio providing creative and cost-effective solutions for the built environment. Our services are based around the two core disciplines of planning and design, and include:

  • Urban Design
  • Architecture
  • Town Planning
  • Heritage

Collaboration underscores our approach. As our name suggests, we believe urban design is a partnership: between us and our clients, allied professionals, project stakeholders, communities and their environments.

We’re a small team and, although we’re multi-talented (and modest!) we can’t do everything, so we’ve built relationships with trusted specialist consultant groups so we can put our clients in touch with the best people. These specialists offer services including:

  • Architectural Documentation
  • Public Art and Cultural Planning
  • Social and Economic Planning
  • Environmental and Bushfire Assessment
  • Project Management and Cost Consultancy Services

If the service you require isn’t listed here, please contact us. If we can’t help you out, we’re sure to know someone who can.